The world is at our fingertips. The high street is crumbling and in a global pandemic, where are all the people going for their shopping and products? Online.

Often bespoke website creation can be daunting with many companies charging in the thousands to build you a website. With AMT you can be assured that your companies website is in safe hands. Every design is personally created for the client, taking into consideration their wishes, desires as well as design theories and website practicalities.

Instead of paying a web engine such as Wix or GoDaddy to create your site, come to us and see what we can do for your company.

Rough Costings?

5-page website - from £499

eCommerce website - from £599

(plus external hosting fees and domain fees)

Social Media Content Management 


We all know and understand that Socials are now the biggest platform to get seen. But managing them, gaining likes, shares and subscriptions can be hard aswell as time consuming. 

We will work with you to improve your social media content. We can offer consultancy and training on content that drives your engagement through the roof, suggest ways to attract new customers and even manage all your social needs for you. 

Rough Costings?

Monthly Management - Four posts a month, 2 digital elements

£50 per social media platform - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+

Consultancy on Social Media - £100

YouTube content including end screens, interactive elements and video creation 


YouTube Content/Video Editing


Creating engaging, cutting edge YouTube content can be a challenge. You make the footage, we will edit the sound, effects and lighting. We can also add interactive end screens and signature branding during the video

Rough Costings?




What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and 9 times out of 10 its what clients want the most. It's a way to attract new clients, and be seen on Google. After all, when we want a service, what do we do? We Google it!

​There are several ways this can be done. Some simpler and less costly than others. Big-name companies and Google themselves offer their services, but for a hefty return and the promise of adverts and footfall. If you're looking to simply be found on Google and visible when searched for keywords, then come to us and we can help make that happen.

​We can advise on whether you even need our help or whether you can do your SEO yourself. Saving you time and money.

Rough Costings?

Website SEO report - £30

Website SEO Improvement Plan - from £120

SEO Improvement including content - from £199

SEO Training - £40ph



Who uses an app? Well in today's market there is still a large number of people who look for a handy app over a webpage.

At AMT we will work with you to develop a fully functioning app that can be hosted on Android or iOS. We will design, build and launch your app for you as well as provide training on managing your app after completion.

Rough Costings?

Simple App Design and Development - from £699

eCommerce App and Development - from £899

(plus external hosting fees and costs)



Did you know that it sometimes works out a lot cheaper to build your new PC from scratch? Or to source your components separately?

​The big companies often sell attractive bundles that appear to do the job and often don't. Working with you we will identify your needs for your new PC. We will discuss 'add ons' and improvements that could be made.

​We will then source three options that will meet your needs and provide you with these for review. Depending on the package you chose will lead to purchase, build, and/or installation.

​It's never been easier to get a bespoke PC and save yourself hundreds of pounds.

Rough Costings?

Sourcing hardware - £30ph

Bespoke PC build, individual components - from £99 + shipping



Installing software historically has always required you to put a CD into your CD Disc draw and furiously click next until it works, right? Well as time changes software is fast becoming a pure download market. This poses difficulties for people with slow internet speed or people with a lack of confidence about what they are downloading.

​We can support a range of software downloads and installations and what's best, with a stable internet connection, we can do this remotely. We have experience in installing a wide range of software from Microsoft Office to bespoke software used in specialist industries.

​You may have recently updated your device and some old software doesn't appear to work or respond. This too could be something we could help with and ensure that your old 'purchased' software is still useable.

Rough Costings?

From £40

Most installations can be completed remotely

Corporate Identity


Branding is where we come alive! Getting your companies branding correct from the off is vital to your success. People spot and recognise the logo more than any other symbols. This commercialism of our everyday lives is what you want to tap into to ensure that when someone wants a business like yours, they nowhere to go.

​We will meet with you to discuss your business, its aims, your desires for colours, fonts and designs. We will then work with you to create your brand image, your house style, and advise you on little changes that could make a huge difference.

​All branding packages, when completed include:

  • Logo

  • Business Card

  • Flyer - With a promotional offer of your choice

  • A letter headed word document

​Our branding package has a fixed price of just £199.

We also work with graphic designers for more complex, bespoke products with prices starting from £99